Welcome to Lambdλ

The First decentralized, treasury-backed, reserve currency protocol running on Nervos Network. Built for the next generation.

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The treasury is backed by a basket of assets that ensure each token has an intrinsic value greater than or equal to 1 USDC.


The protocol autonomously controls the treasury and reserve, to ensure neutrality, objectivity, fairness and transparency.


Lambda is an open protocol that puts its token holders at the forefront of every decision by allowing them to propose and enact changes.

Lambda, the First Reserve currency protocol on Nervos will be live on IDO soon


Lambdλ DAO Concept

  • Staking
    Holders of LMDA can stake their tokens on the Lambda DAO website to earn rebase rewards generated from bond sales.
  • Contracts
    Our smart contracts are nearly identical to the contracts used by Olympus DAO, which have been independently audited and safeguard hundreds of millions of dollars. View our code on: GitHub
  • Treasury
    Our treasury will be actively invested into decentralised protocols in order to optimise yield for the community. Treasury growth will help ensure lucrative rewards for LMDA investors.

The Vision

We are building a reliable, scalable, and policy-controlled reserve currency system that enables and facilitates a complete detachment from the traditional world of finance.

Powered by The State of The Art

See what technologies will be in charge of the cutting edge algorithmic control of the market forces.
React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible TypeScript framework for building the decentralized Lambda application.
TypeScript is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript and adds static typing to the language to add more safety to Lambda.
Solidity is a lightning fast and a memory-efficient language. It powers the future performance-critical Smart Contracts of Lambda.
Vercel is a platform for frontend frameworks and static sites, built to integrate with your headless content, commerce, or database.

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